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Description:The 2 in 1 HD cell phone camera lens kit is small, easy to put in your pocket or clip to your pants, and enhances the quality of your cell phone pictures to Professional grade. This Camera Lens Kit includes a 0.45X super wide angle lens and 15X macro lens, both of which are the highest quality. It fits most Brands of cell phones such as iPhone 6s/6 plus/5/5s, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, etc. and is made with advanced Japanese optics that efficiently minimizes lens Glare, reflection, ghosting and other artifacts for superb clarity, making your photos look as high grade as those taken with a DSLR Camera. Specifications: 2 in 1 Lens: · 0.45X 52mm Super Wide Angle Lens. Allows you to capture the widest field of view of any wide angle cell phone lens on the market. · 15X 37mm Macro lens. Allows you to take sharp pictures as close as 3 inches from the subject. Perfect for flowers, insects, rain and dew droplets, etc. Note:· The Flash Light might be blocked when the lens is in use.· The Macro Lens and the Wide Angle Lens are already attached together when you receive them.· If you want to use the Wide Angle Lens, screw the macro lens onto the clip first, then screw the wide angle lens into the macro lens.· If you want to use the Macro Lens, remove the Wide Angle Lens first

Super Wide Angle 0.45X and 15X Macro Lens Clip-on For iphone Camera Universal

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Last Purchase by: helen C
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