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Dog Harness NO PULL w/ Reflective Breathable Adjustable Pet Harness For Dog Vest Harness Collar Dog Accessories XL Black
Personalized Dog Harness NO PULL Reflective Breathable Adjustable Pet Harness For Small large Dog Harness Vest With Custom patch
Trusted by veterinarians and over 100,000 dog owners; this amazing Harness comes in multiple colors & sizes to accommodate all breeds. Comfortable, safe & secure for everyday use.
✓ Easy On/Off in 3 Seconds
✓ Eliminates Choking & Pulling
✓ Personalized Name & Phone Number
✓ Reduces Risk Of Neck Injury/Tracheal Collapse
Let’s face it, a dog that is constantly pulling can be really frustrating for pet parents who just want to go on a nice, leisurely walk. If you find yourself being dragged on your daily walks, or your pup is already showing signs of neck/tracheal damage due to excessive pulling, then it’s time to reconsider your options when it comes to your dog walking supplies!
Made by pet parents, for pet parents. Specifically designed to discourage pulling, help you gain more control on your walks, and improve your pup’s dog-leash skills.
Engineered To Relieve
Relieves pressure from neck, trachea & other key organs unlike traditional collars
Engineered To Control
Encourages your dog to heel, and not pull, giving you more control
Engineered To Adventure
Lets you enjoy safer, more peaceful, and enjoyable walks together with your pup.
Unlike traditional dog collars, tension is reduced from your pup's throat as they strain forward.
This gives you a greater ability to control while providing utmost comfort to your dog. It not only reduces the annoying pulling motions your dog tends to do but also prevents trauma to your dog’s neck, trachea, and cervical spine which can lead to serious health problems.
Keeping your dog’s neck free and healthy will result in better health and longer life.
✓ Straps On/Off In 3 Seconds
Just slip it over your dog’s head and buckle the strap like a seatbelt and you’re ready for adventure! Many of our customers report that they can put the harness on with only one hand.
✓ Stylish Design With Personalized Details
Now you can adventure with more confidence! Your dog will draw lots of attention while boasting the stylish Harness with personalized text and your phone number. Comes in bright colors with a reflective strap that makes your pup stand out for safety & so you can see them better.
✓ Improves Your Dog's Behavior
Stop using the usual neck harnesses that hurt your furry-friend when they pull, treat them with our comfortable to wear Harnes, and you will surely notice a huge improvement in their behavior as they associate an overall pleasant feeling while on walks.

Adjustable ServiceDog Harness Pet Training Vest Reflective Patches NO PULL XL

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