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Main Features Premium Material: Nylon Braided Aluminium Alloy TPE This innovative charging cable is consisted of a nylon woven cable and three 3 pin magnetic connectors. The braided nylon material ensures the cable is stretch resistance and thus it is able to withstand strong pulling. Quality embedded magnets enables the charging head and connectors to be connected all the time. 360° 180° Two-Dimensional Rotation: The magnetic charging head is designed to rotate 360° and 180° in two dimensions, respectively. The cable can now be rotated freely in any direction as needed. Therefore, it is easy to adapt to your usage, especially suitable for charging while gaming. 3in1 Magnetic Connectors: It comprises of 3 standard USB charging connectors: type C and lightning and micro. This design ensures any mainstream devices are compatible and supported, while allows you to easily switch connectors between various devices at your desire anywhere anytime. Besides, it greatly reduces the need to carry multiple charging cables at the same time. Outstanding Performance: The smart design of the 3-pin charging head and the multi-circle metal contacts on the connector has two main advantages. First, it is capable of fast charging at a maximum power (depending on the charger). Second, the charging cable can be freely rotated 360° without removing the connector from the device. Superb Safety: The two built-in double chips play a vital role in safety measures. It continuously adjusts the current and voltage based on the charging phase and the device temperature. In this way, it can ensure that charging is always in a safe and optimal state, while achieving the best charging speed. Easy to Operate: With removable magnetic design, the connectors can be kept plugged into the device when not charging. Not only does it keep the charging port clean, it also simplifies operation. Connect or remove the cable to or from the connector with only one hand when needed. Indicator Light: When connected to power, the built-in blue LED around the charging head will light up. This is easy to see in a dark environment and will notify you that the device is charging. PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1x USLION Dual Rotation Braided Magnetic USB Charging Cable 1m or 2m 1x Type C Magnetic Connector  1x Lightning Magnetic Connector  1x Micro Magnetic Connector

NEW USLION 540 Degree Rotating magnetic 3 in 1 cable for Type C iPhone Micro USB

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