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Bullet point:Glass tea is very suitable for cooking various beverages, tea, coffee, chrysanthemums and so on (15cm diameter). This handmade teapot warmer is made of high hardness and low expansion borosilicate glass.Constant temperature tea soup, keep the temperature of the tea, give you a new kind of health. The oven is small and does not take up much space on the table.Easy to use, just put a lit candle in the middle of the glass oven and put the kettle on. The brewed tea is heated on a thermostat and held for several hours.Packing included: tea stove base and cork tea pad. (without candles and tea stove)Description:Name: Tea WarmerMaterial: CeramicSize: about 14.5*6cmWeight: about 400gPackage included:1*Teapot Warmer

White Warm Tea Stove Ceramic Porcelain Heating Furnace Warmer Candle Heater

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