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Upgrade Design: To avoid equipment aging, the Smart Sport weighted hoop is made of durable ABS plastic. Unlike a traditional fitness ring, the user can adjust the amount of weight-bearing blocks in the weight ball to their own bearing capacity, changing the activity. It also comes with 24 knots that can be adjusted to fit your waistline and keep it from falling while in use, making it suitable for beginners. 2 in 1 Fitness & Massage: These intelligent fitness rings may not only help you lose weight quickly, but they can also help you obtain your perfect shape (Fat burning faster 2-3 times than the normal hoola hoop for its fitting size). They can also massage your waist to help you relax after a long period of sitting. Detachable & Easy to Use: They are made up of 24 detachable sections that can be readily removed with the stroke of a button, making them easy to store. You can alter the weighted and waistline for workout to suit your demands. The soft fitness ring will not slip off, making it a good aid for beginners who have never played fitness ring before. This smart fitness circle is appropriate for people of all ability levels, from beginners to experts. Effective Fat Burning: We recommend that you exercise 30 minutes every day, five days a week, to burn up to 800 calories per session! Wide Application & Attentions: Almost everyone, including adults and children, can enjoy it, with the exception of the elderly and infants. People who need to lose weight/abdominal fat, mothers, office professionals, and students are all good candidates. Before exercising, make sure the weighted hoop connection is complete and that you are wearing close-fitting clothing; while exercising, keep an eye on the weight ball's swing range to avoid hitting others or the furniture. At the same time, when using it for the first time, don't be too heavy.   Product specifications Color: Pink Maximum diameter: 45cm Small ball size: 11*7*7cm; rope length: 11cm 24 section suit for waist is less than 130cm

24 Knots Fitness Smart Hula Hoop Detachable Lose Weight Exercise Thin Waist

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