These popular, reusable rat traps are simple and safe to bait and set. The vertical strike bar is strong and very fast with a large trip paddle and strike bar to catch rodents from the front, sides and back.

Rat Trap Mouse Snap Trap Rodent Trap HC2202S
This product is a simple, highly sensitive metal mouse snap trap. It should be placed in front of the mouse hole and the place
where the rat is most active. We usually put one trap per square meter of room and put a trap every five meters in the farmland.
You can use peanut kernel as bait.
Traps can be dangerous, pls be careful when setting bait into the trap.
Keep away from children and pets.
Store in a safe place.
Package Include:
1 x Rat Trap

Best mouse snap trap plastic rat trap foot step trap hc2202

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