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Brushless dc motor controller  36v /48v 250w  (this controller only works with sensored brushless dc motor)
1) Rated voltage: dc36/48v
2) Rated power: 250w
3) Max current: > 15A
4) Undervoltage protection: 30/40v-0.5v
5) Current limited: 15A
6) efficiency: ≥ 83%
7) consumption: 1.5w
8)Waterproof: Rainproof
9)Material: Plastic  Metal
10) controller category: brushless direct current
Controller Size: Approx. 9 x 5.2 x 3cm / 3.54 x 2.04 x 1.18inch
Weight: Approx. 332g
11) Applicable model: electric bicycle, electric scooter, electric vehicle, toy scooter etc.
Package List:
1 x Controller
Each cable is labeled with color for different uses.
Red: power positive electrode
Black: power negative electrode
Yellow: power output
Brown: lamp positive electrode
White: lamp negative electrode
Blue: indicator signal
Green: signal receive

Motor controller for electric bike, brushless motor controller 36v/48v and 250w

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