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Product Description
Set of 6 mini band strings includes 6 strings equivalent to 6 levels:
Color:As shown
The best type of rope for training and improving the size of the buttocks, minimizing the effect of the thighs causing the phenomenon of "big thighs but still flat butt".
Helps feel better butt muscles
Improve the safest and most effective form before entering weightlifting.
Extremely convenient and effective for busy people who do not have time and product.conditions to go to the gym. You can practice at the office, at home, anywhere you want. For those who travel long distances, they need to maintain exercise.
Special support in the cardio sessions to lose fat, bringing the effectiveness of the cardio session much higher than normal running.
Package Include:
6 x Gym Straps

Set of 6 High End Resistance Gym Straps

(including GST)
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Last Purchase by: victorlsmith
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