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- This Topless Can Opener is a bar tool designed to remove the top of almost any can, which enhances your drinking experience and allows you to do things with the can that you never thought you could.
- The innovative design safely removes the top leaving no sharp edges.
- Removing the top allows for an uninterrupted pour.
- Enhancing the flavor and allowing you to enjoy it as if it were glass.
- Spicing up your favorite canned drinks is even easier. Whether you like cocktails or just a little citrus in your beer, we've got you uncovered.
- It's perfect for those right-brained individuals who want to get their craft on, also perfect for those who just want to play drinking games, such as beer pong or beer die.
- Small enough to take on the go
How to Use the Topless Can Opener
- Grab the top edge of the can or the bottom edge of the can (Don't grab the centre of the can!)
- Open handle and place the tool on the top of the can
- Squeeze the handle and rotate
- Align rim with handle notches and slowly rock to open the top
How Does it Work
- When the handle is squeezed, it forces the centre gear to rotate causing each of the four splitters to synchronously extend towards the rim of the can allowing the Draft Top tool to open a variety of can sizes.
- 100% Brand new and High Quality
- Weight: 63g
- Size: 10*6cm
- Material: ABS
Package Content:
- 1 × Topless Can Opener

Go Swing Topless Can Opener Manual Tin Bottle Top Drafter Kitchen Gadgets Tool

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