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Please note that the product does not include batteries
The AC adapter easily folds out to charge and pack away.
Smart charger can charge two batteries at a time.
These user-friendly designs give convenience especially for traveling.
DC 5V input safety voltage / reverse-polarity and short circuit protection / fireproof shell / perfect heat dissipation / high temperature resistance.
Makes the MC1 Plus the safest charger and ensures your safety.
Cut off the voltage at 4.20V / TC-CC-CV charging method / Soft start.
Avoids sudden high current impact and maximizes batteries' lifespan.
Fast charge with 500mA max current / compatible with 10440 / 18650 sized batteries / 0V activation function.
Fulfills emergent use with 3 hrs charging time. Besides, the battery rescue function maximizes batteries' lifespan.
Product parameters:
Product name:2-slots Battery Charger
Product model: Hy-0803
Features: 2 slots charging
Product color: black
Product weight: about 106 g
Power supply mode: Au plug
Input voltage:AC 110 - 240V 47 - 63HZ
Output voltage: DC 4.2V 500mA
Package include:
1 x AC charger(AU plug)

Battery Charger Smart 2Slots For Rechargeable Li-Ion FAST Charge AU PLUG

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