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Fantastic Wireless Multifunction Colour Inkjet Printer has just landed!  Will take off (65%!) on Monday!  Strictly limited seats!  So set your clock, do not miss the flight!

You will get one car reverse alarm for FREE, just pay for the p & h as usual.

Every year, some accidents occur in the driveway while vehicles are reversing because of poor or no rear view.  Even only one accident is far too many!  This simple and yet effective little device will definitely reduce the potential risks a great deal!

Audible beeps alert anyone in the reversing path that vehicle is backing up!

No wiring, no tools, just stick on!

This alarm is an ingeniously simple device that should be fitted to every car!

No wiring or tools are required - it simply sticks onto your reverse light!  A tiny sensor in the Reverse Alarm is triggered when your reverse light comes on.  The Reverse alarm then beeps to let anyone in your reversing path know that you are about to move.  Driving carefully has always been essential, but now you can be confident that pedestrians are just as careful!  Ideal for 4x4s, vans and cars of all shapes and sizes.

(This device should NOT be relied on as the ONLY reverse safety measure, normal care should be taken when reversing!!)


  • Loud beeps alert anyone that vehicle is reversing
  • No wiring, no tools, just stick-on
  • Durable battery

Hint 1: For some models of cars, before you stick it on, you may need to turn on the reverse light and trial it to find the best spot that will activate the alarm.


Hint 2: For better effect, use at least one on each and every reverse light of your vehicle.


  • Dimensions: Diameter (3.3cm), High (1.2cm)
  • Powered by battery (included)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Reverse alarm
  • 1 x Double sided sticky tape
  • Battery included (installed)


  • Immediate dispatch!


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